Forklift Safety Inspections

A poorly maintained forklift can compromise your safety as well as the safety of your staff and your workplace.

That’s why we offer our esteemed Northside clients an obligation-free Forklift Safety Inspection on any of your forklifts.

We’ll go through your machine with a fine toothcomb from top to bottom, making sure that everything checks out.

Then, if it requires repairs, we’ll provide a detailed quotation so you can see exactly what needs to be done and precisely how much it will cost.

Perhaps you’re considering Conditional Road Registration and require an LPG certificate?

Active Forklift Service can perform this task on site and advise you if any modifications are needed to comply with relevant regulations.

As well as that, if you’re considering the purchase of a used forklift from another dealer, we can independently conduct a thorough, “no stone left unturned” Pre-Purchase Forklift Safety Inspection.

That way you can be sure your potential new machine complies with relevant safety standards.

Do you have a lull in production or distribution coming up?

That’s the perfect time to arrange a forklift safety inspection. Call us now on 3205 5500 to book your machine(s) in at a convenient time to suit you, or simply drop us an email: