Reliable Forklift Repairs since 1981

Active Forklift Service has always prided ourselves on our fast and thorough forklift repair service.

The way we see it, if you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a problem — and the quicker and more efficiently we solve it for you, the better.

Our hand-picked Service Technicians are among the best in the business, with stacks of experience on a wide range of forklifts.

As they are familiar with most – if not all – brands of forklifts, they’ll get straight to the crux of the problem and get it sorted once and for all, quick smart.

Isn’t THAT a refreshing change? (As opposed to having the darn thing break down a-g-a-i-n shortly after having it repaired!)

Furthermore, we keep ample fast-moving forklift spare parts on hand to keep you working and ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

We’re not called Active Forklift SERVICE for nothing.

Active are very proactive — and offer the type of forklift repair service we’d expect ourselves if the steel-capped boot was on the other foot.

For example, while we are carrying out a forklift repair, we’ll keep our eyes out for something that may cause you problems down the track – particularly if it could jeopardize your safety.

The same type of proactive thinking also applies to LPG Compliance.

To ensure you rest easy, safe in the knowledge that all work is done properly, we’ll even complete and record log inspections to make sure you meet WH&S requirements.

We also promptly generate repair quotations so the problem can be fixed fast, with the least amount of stress for all concerned; even your accountant will be happy.

If your forklift is deemed to be in need of major repairs, we may find it necessary to transport it back to our workshop; if so, we will offer you a replacement forklift so as not to inconvenience you and disrupt your business in the meantime.

In fact, our business is based on speed and efficiency, two factors you’ll really come to appreciate when you call on us for forklift repairs.

We invite you to put us to the test.

Call us on 3205 5500 next time you require forklift repairs and discover how we definitely ARE loads easier to deal with.