Reliable Forklift Repairs since 1981

Active Forklift Service has always prided ourselves on our fast and thorough forklift repair service.

The way we see it, if you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a problem — and the quicker and more efficiently we solve it for you, the better.

Our hand-picked Service Technicians are among the best in the business, with stacks of experience on a wide range of forklifts.

As they are familiar with most – if not all – brands of forklifts, they’ll get straight to the crux of the problem and get it sorted once and for all, quick smart.

Isn’t THAT a refreshing change? (As opposed to having the darn thing break down a-g-a-i-n shortly after having it repaired!)

Furthermore, we keep ample fast-moving forklift spare parts on hand to keep you working and ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.