North Brisbane’s Forklift Hire Specialists

Forklift Hire is a core component of Active Forklift Services’ business – in fact over the last 35 years, we have become forklift rental specialists.

Buying a forklift is a big commitment, which is why we present you with a viable and flexible alternative – a wide array of forklifts for hire, plus attachments.

Be it short or long-term forklift hire, we offer highly competitive rates with maintenance and repairs factored into the rental so you can be sure of worry-free operation, free of budget blowouts.

Hire a forklift? It simply makes sense.

Did you know that many of Australia’s leading companies are converting from traditional ownership to fully maintained rental of vehicles and plant, including materials handling equipment.

There are many good reasons for this.

Hire is 100% tax deductible because it is an operating cost, and with maintenance and repairs included, budgeting is simplified.

With no large upfront purchase costs, it’s also a great way to conserve capital — which can reduce cash-flow issues and keep your accountant happy.

And if you are already hiring a forklift from us and your operational requirements change, talk to us about an upgrade.

To cater for your individual requirements, Active Forklift Service has a range of forklifts available for short and long term hire at extremely competitive rates.

Short term forklift hire

Active Forklift Service can help you out with a machine from as short a period as just one day.

This is perfect when stock arrives that needs to be unloaded quickly, or if your existing forklift fleet needs a temporary boost in peak periods.

Plus, if you need it for longer than you first thought, that is never a problem – you can simply extend the length of hire.

When you use our short term forklift hire, you can rest assured that your machine will be delivered quickly, safe and work-ready.

We also give you the option of supplying your own LPG fuel; otherwise we will provide a gas bottle.

Long term forklift hire

As well as being local and convenient, the beauty of hiring a forklift from Active is that you’re in charge of the machine and we’re in charge of all maintenance and repairs; they are all included.

And being a long term customer, you’ll have our full support – we’ll be there for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Right from the word go, we’ll make sure you’re 100% happy.

If you like, one of our experienced team members will even provide a free onsite consultation prior to you hiring.

They’ll run an expert eye over your facilities, taking into account such things as:

  • Typical loads (size and weight)
  • Working areas
  • Rack heights
  • Access
  • Fuel Type
  • Attachments
  • Tyre Configuration

Then, based on your present and future needs, we will advise you on the type and size of forklift(s) we recommend… as well as offer you a very competitive quote!

So talk to us today about your requirements and let us show you why hiring forklifts from Active will tick all your boxes. Call us now on 3205 5500 or simply complete our form and we’ll call you.


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