Forklift maintenance – maintaining the highest standards

135 years of combined experience has taught us one very valuable lesson: that prevention is infinitely better than cure.

So as part of our Forklift Preventative Maintenance Service, we invariably identify any necessary repairs and immediately report them to you – especially if they are safety-related.

Keeping your forklift professionally maintained is vital, which is why we recommend scheduled maintenance.

The upkeep of your valuable asset is a must, because lack of maintenance is by far the biggest cause of costly repairs.

Plus, it can reduce productivity and actually shorten the lifespan of your forklift.

On the subject of lifespans, the experienced team at Active can advise you of the optimal time to replace your existing machine.

  • Sell it or trade it too soon and you might not maximise your ROI
  • Keep it too long and it may start to become economically unviable due to reduced productivity and increased maintenance costs.

In short, Active Forklift Service are loads easier to deal with for forklift maintenance.

So if you’re looking for service, safety inspections or a complete or partial refurbishment, give us a call right now on 3205 5500, or simply contact us.