Q. What is the minimum period I can hire a Forklift for?

A. Our minimum period is one day.

Q. Can I arrange my own transport for delivery/pick up?

A. Yes, be sure to advise your carrier of the approximate weight of the machine. Alternatively, Active Forklift Service can arrange transport.

Q.  Are there any special requirements for road registering a Forklift?

A. If fitted with LPG, an inspection and certification must be carried out as part of the registration process.

Q. How often should a Battery Electric Forklift be recharged?

A. Depending on usage, at least once per week for a full 12 hour cycle. Battery water level should be checked at the same time.

Q. How often should an LPG Forklift be run on petrol (if fitted with dual fuel).

A. At least one full day, once per month. This ensures the system stays lubricated and avoids stale fuel.