About Active Forklift Service Brisbane

Established in 1981, Active Forklift Service has been in the business of selling, repairing, maintaining and hiring forklifts for three-and-a-half decades.

You don’t enjoy that type of longevity unless you’re dependable, knowledgeable and you deliver in full on time.

Permanently based in Brendale on Brisbane’s north side, Active Forklift Service has developed a solid reputation as the trusted “will do” supplier.

The reason for this is that we fully understand that forklifts are a crucial operational tool; without them your business can quickly grind to a halt.

To reduce downtime, Active Forklift Service also stock a comprehensive range of fast-moving parts along with a network of genuine quality after-market spares.

If ever anything DOES go wrong, we conveniently operate both mobile field and workshop facilities to ensure minimum equipment downtime for your business.