Active Forklift Service Brendale

Loads easier to deal with

Brisbane’s Specialist Forklift Service – raising the bar on the Northside

If you run a business in or near Brendale on Brisbane’s flourishing Northside, there are two very good reasons why you should deal with Active Forklift Service.

1. We’re locals.

So you can rest assured that we will be there to sort out your materials handling problems faster than anyone, with no excuses about traffic, or whinges about what a hassle it’s been travelling to you.

Furthermore, because we’re locals – and mighty proud of it – we won’t go charging you a service call if you’re based in Brendale.

After all, we are just down the road and you are part of our business community, neighbour.

2. We’re forklift specialists.

If you want a Telehander or a Scissor Lift, sorry… we are definitely NOT the forklift service for you, because all Active Forklift Service Brendale deal with are Forklifts.

After almost 35 years of dedicated service on the Brisbane Northside – and around 130 years of combined experience – we know forklifts like the backs of our hands.

Be it Short or Long Term Hire or Sales of new and used forklifts, Service, Repair and Maintenance, we’re confident that we can look after you.

We will supply you with precisely the right forklift and best support at a very competitive price (and of course no service call in the Brendale area makes us even better value-for-money!)

That’s just two of the reasons why Active Forklift Service Brendale are loads easier to deal with. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be based here, in the heart of the Northside.

Of course, if your business is based outside Brendale naturally we won’t let you down.

Call us now on 3205 5500 or simply complete our Contact Form, tell us what you’re after and we’ll get straight back to you.